Our Hidden Paradise Isn't so Hidden Anymore

Posted on Jan 06, 2015 by

We are currently in the midst of "Season" here in Jupiter, FL. You knew that it was coming. You saw the car haulers slowly entering our (not so) little town in December. Then you find yourself sitting at a red light one day and think "Why are there so many cars on the road?"; You knew the answer before you asked the question. ---Snowbirds---. They begin to migrate south for winter. They leave their bone chilling homes for a warmer retreat. They often travel in packs. Making sure to have enough friends with them to ensure several good rounds of golf.

How long could we really expect for word to not get out about our little paradise. I don't blame them, I truly don't. They are here for the same reason our families moved here. Sunshine, warmth, beaches, the gulfstream is 8 miles from our inlet which has some of the countries best fishing, close commute to highways, a charming history, shoot Burt Reynolds really was the one that let the Cat out of the bag (if you're upset about the traffic, take it up with Burt).

Looking back now, being able to grow up in Jupiter was a privilege. We were outside all of the time. We rode our bikes to school without a care in the world. Everyone knew everyone. We had pool parties weekly, went with friends to the beach, we were able to play any sport all year round. We could go to a local farm and pick strawberries or oranges (my favorite), head out west and hop on a horse or visit a farm.
We would take a weekend trip to the Bahamas (it's only 3 hours away by boat). We went water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding or just meet friends at the sandbar. Jupiters waterways hold thousands of my treasured memories.
The shoreline may have changed drastically, with most of the old "Florida homes" now replaced with 5,000+ sq ft homes, but the memories on the Loxahatchee River are still being made. We arent able to pick the strawberries in town anymore and everyone might not know everyone anymore, but we are still living in paradise.

In 2012 Jupiter was listed as one of "America's happiest seaside town's". I think that title fits us. We do Live where you Vacation.