Testimonial from Oliver Madison

Posted on Jan 09, 2015 by ryan

I have had the pleasure of knowing Erica since 2011 when she was assigned by her firm to help us identify and complete purchases of properties in South Florida. I can say, without hesitation, that she is one of the most dedicated, intelligent, and competent individuals that I have ever met.

From the beginning, Erica has displayed exceptional analytical and research skills, combing through endless listings to find those that met our criteria. Often she has made suggestions that have caused us to reconsider and improve upon our investment theses.

What sets Erica truly apart is her commitment to her clients — she has frequently acted entirely in our best interest, even at her own expense. Over the past three years, as the market in South Florida improved, Erica took it upon herself to help us find other properties, many of which were only available through auction. She spent hours researching auction properties, and as we are based out of state, acted on our behalf in Florida even though the properties were not eligible for commissions. We consider Erica not as our agent, but more as our advisor, employee, and friend.

As we began to accumulate properties, and before we had a critical mass, Erica again stepped in to resolve tenant issues, meet and negotiate with contractors, and collect rent — again, all on our behalf and all at her own behest. She proactively ensured that we were doing everything possible to maximize the return on our investment.

In our capacity as professional investors, and during my time on Wall Street working in investment banking I have rarely met anyone who has differentiated themselves so quickly and so notably. Erica is selfless and puts her clients first. It's exactly these qualities that ensure our loyalty to her runs deep. We consider her part of our team and our family. When she transitioned to another firm we followed, and would do so over and over again.

Most importantly, however, Erica has an attractive, easy-going personality, a great sense of humor, and a remarkable patience that work to make her a phenomenal member of any team. In the variety of situations in which I have had the pleasure of observing Erica, she has consistently been a leader, a person who puts the needs of others ahead of her own, and a person who is always willing to offer her assistance to those around her. She brings people together to achieve mutual goals. Erica is the definition of a team player and she inspires others to follow her lead.